• Greer modernization correspondence and records, 1913-1922
    Primarily documentation of the first power plant, electric lines, electric lights, waterworks, and sewer in Greer. Other documents reference the police hunt for blind tigers, including hiring private investigators and requesting detectives from the Governor's office; correspondence with the Piedmont & Northern about the construction of a depot on the town square; documents referencing a serious business recession in 1915-16 resulting in the city of Greer unable to pay its bills; health and sanitation; and other miscellaneous city-related documents.
  • Daisy Melvina Jones Davis Massey Fox Collection
    Most items in this collection appear to have been cut from a memory album, the rest of which has been lost to time. They relate to Daisy Jones, her mother, and her son James; but also include two significant photographs (Charles Drace and Olin Gaines), and a 1947 Greer Citizen "Baby Week Edition."
  • GREER: African-American History
    Records, information, and artifacts related to the Black community in Greer
  • Hawkins family collection
    A collection of documents from the Hawkins family.
  • Dean Campbell collection
    A collection documents, photographs, and artifacts donated by Dean Campbell.
  • Limestone Project
    Panel text and photographs from the 1983 Dark Corner Limestone College project.
  • Dark Corner
    Historical artifacts, documents, and photographs on the Dark Corner.
  • Plumley Papers
    Historical records kept by the Plumley family of upper Greenville County, S.C.
  • Peach Festival collection
    Records and documents related to the Peach Festival.
  • Robert M. Clarke letters
    Letters from Private Robert M. Clarke to his family, written during World War 2.
  • Etta Bailey Burgiss papers
    This is a collection of letters gathered by Etta Bailey Burgiss. It includes: – letters from her mother, Victoria Cunningham Bailey, to Victoria's sister – letters between Victoria Bailey, W.C. Bailey, and Etta Bailey – letters from W.W. Burgiss to Etta Bailey – letters from friends to Etta Bailey
  • GHM: archive
    Books and papers in the GHM library and archives
  • GHM: artifacts
    Information about artifacts in the collection of the Greer Heritage Museum
  • GREER: businesses
    Information about businesses which played significant roles in Greer, S.C. history
  • GREER: maps
    Historical maps of Greer, S.C.
  • GREER: city information
    Building-by-building information about geographic places in Greer, S.C.
  • GREER: people
    Information about people who played significant roles in Greer, S.C. history
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