215 Trade Street

1898: the lot connected with a small office

The 1898 Sanborn map shows a very small single-story wood structure barely to the south of the current building — if it were still there, it would be connected to the building. The map says this is an office. A property line surrounds that building and this lot.

1904: Livery, with office

The small office remains, but a large livery has been added back off the road spanning this lot and behind the office. 

1911: Stables, with restaurant

The livery has been replaced with a large square structure listed as a stable. The small building is now listed as a restaurant.

c. 1915: Wood-Mendenhall

The 1915-1916 Greer City Directory lists Wood-Mendenhall here: "WOOD-MENDENHALL CO (Inc), Trade phone 3, buggies wagons harness and hardware, J B Mendenhall pres-mgr, W L James sec." The October 1915 telephone directory lists "Wood-Mendenhall Co, vehicles."

A 1916 photo of Wood-Mendenhall shows their painted wall: "buggies, harnesses, farm implements, and Studebaker wagons." A small part of this painted wall remains. A matching sign was painted on the opposite wall, and that mural remains today almost complete, inside the neighboring store.

Prior to 1949 through about 1980: Sullivan-Eskew Hardware

The 1949 Greer City Directory now lists Sullivan-Eskew Hardware as the occupants of this building; a small ad reads "The complete hardware store" and "Paints - China - Home Furnishings - Sporting Goods." At that point, they still used phone number 3, as they did in the 1955 directory. By the 1965 directory they had changed to a standard 7-digit number. They still appear in the 1979 City Directory.

1981-82: Taleff Hardware Company

1984-1988: Cohen B Discount Store

1989-1992: vacant

1993 through at least 1997: Magnolia Gallery

From Magnolia closing through June 2022: vacant


June 2022 – present: Cartwright Food Hall

Cartwright Food Hall was started by four friends: Elaine and Val Kang, and Ben and Caroline Godwin. After a few weeks of "soft opening" special events, Cartwright Food Hall officially opened to the public on June 2, 2022. The food hall opened with six artisinal food vendors: Empanada Shack, Flying Fox Coffee, Mi Irie on Trade, Momo's Sushi, Trade Street Taproom, and White Wine and Butter.

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