302 Trade Street

pre-1898 to post-1911: D. D. Davenport general store

The 1898 Sanborn fire map, followed by the 1904 and 1911 maps, show a large 2-story brick building spanning this space to the corner of Randall (filling both 300 and 302 Trade), and numbered as 202 and 203 Trade Street. This is one of the oldest commercial buildings in Greer: the D. D. Davenport general store was built in 1898; a new facade was added in 1919, and the building has remained essentially the same ever since. In 1898 there was a small 3-sided open shed "out back", and just behind that a large private stable; there was nothing beside it to the south. Across Trade Street was the large open "public square," used for community markets and events.

In 1899 and 1904, the general store filled the whole building. The 1911 map shows that the building had been subdivided in half; this side still contained a general store, but the north half was vacant.

1922: Rialto Theatre Moving Pictures

The old building was removed between 1911 and 1922, replaced with the row of brick storefronts that are still extant. In this spot — now 302 Trade, but then still listed as 202 — stands the 2-story brick Rialto Theatre. The theatre had a wood-framed wall between it and the north half of the building, which was a bank; it had a single screen and 200 seats. Each half of the building had its own entrance, and squeezed between them was a door that opened to a narrow stair going to the second floor. This door and arrangement still exists today; in fact, as of January 2019 the door was labeled "Rialto Office Suites" and numbered 302A. Beside it to the south is a restaurant.

The 1930 map still lists this building's use as "movies" and the other half is still a bank.

1951: Vacant

By the 1951 map, this half is listed as "Movies - not used" and the other half as a store. Cinematreasures.org states that the theater was still operating in 1957, but this is not likely.
By 1951, the two stores to the south had been combined to create a large furniture store.

Price's Feed Shop; Price Flowers; West Electric Co.; Office Supplies Unlimited

The 1979 architectural survey listed these as prior occupants.

1979: Betty's Cloth Shop

The 1979 architectural survey listed this as the occupant at that time.

1997: Vacant

The 1997 SC historic building survey notes that this building was vacant, while the other half to the north now contained Foothills Glass.

2019: Pour Sports

This sports bar was opened prior to 2013 by owner Vaughn Bragg. It is the current occupant as of November, 2020.

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