202 Trade Street

1898: vacant

A single-story brick storefront, identified on the 1898 Sanford fire map as 215 Trade Street. The building is the same width as the current location but is quite shallow, about half as deep as the current building. On the south side is another brick building listed as containing jewelry and groceries; to the north, on the lot that would become the Marchant Building and Greer Drug Co., is a vacant single-story wood building.

1904: bank

The 1904 Sanborn map shows that the buildings haven't changed; this building now holds a bank. The brick storefront to the south is now a restaurant, and the wood building to the north is listed as a dwelling.

1911: grocery

The 1911 Sanborn map's biggest change is that the Marchant Building is now under construction. This building now holds a grocery store, and to the south is a clothing store.

The 1922 and 1930 maps simply lists the occupant as a "store."

1951: Restaurant

By March, 1951 the building had been lengthened to double its former size, and was a restaurant.

Café Mundo

c. 2014: Mason Jar Restaurant

  • Business owner Macy Williams, a graduate of Riverside High School and University of South Carolina, named the restaurant after her son, Mason.
  • tore out a wall in the back to install a full kitchen

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