Gilreath Mill

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Gilreath Mill

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Bruce's Mill, Heller's Mill, Taylor's Mill


Joel Bruce built what is now known as Gilreath's Mill as a corn mill sometime between when he bought the property in 1801 and the first contemporary account of the mill in 1839, with tradition giving a date of 1814. The property would pass on to John Heller, and then Washington Taylor in 1840. Washington Taylor was P. D. Gilreath’s father-in-law, and was part of the family that settled Taylors, SC. In 1890, P. D. Gilreath took over the mill property and began producing wheat flour in place of corn flour. The mill would remain in the Gilreath family until transferred to the Gilreath Mill Foundation in 2007, with the rest of the property subdivided and sold off over the years.

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North Highway 101


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