Mosteller Mill

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Mosteller Mill


Mosteller Mill was a grist mill just outside of Greer, SC on Highway 14 North, currently [2023] the site of Lake View Steak House. It was originally planned by Phillip Mosteller, but he died before work began. It was then constructed in 1813-14 by Mrs. Eliza Bruce Mosteller and their son David; it was originally known Mostelle and Mostella. The corn mill was on the lower level, and the flour mill on the upper floors. David later built an additional cotton mill and gin. Hand-operated elevators carried wheat up to the higher floors. The mill was powered by a water wheel on the South Tyger River until 1937, when it was converted to gas engines. The mill was also the location of the Ansel Post Office.

It was also operated by Stonewall Mosteller, Spartan David Mosteller, and Hendrix Mosteller, among others. It shut down in 1970 after the death of Hendrix Mosteller; it had continuously operated for 167 years. The building remained until 1976.

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