Marchant House

Dr. Robert L. Marchant was a critical figure in the early development of Greer, and his biography needs more development. This was the location of his home for the first three decades of the city of Greer.


  • In 1898 the triangular city block formed between Trade, Hill, and Victoria Streets was his estate. His home was a large but tasteful 2.5-story wood frame house located on the corner of Trade and Victoria, with the main entrance and front porch facing Trade.
  • "Out back," on the corner of Victoria and Hill, stood a large stable, a shed (likely for wagons and carriages), and a water tank. A very small one-story shingled house sat on Hill Street in the middle of the block; this was likely a servant's quarters.
  • If Dr. Marchant sat on his front wraparound porch looking out at Trade Street, he saw the center of business: a grocery store, a clothing store with boots and shoes. Just to the left was a horse tack store; down the street to the right was a large general store.
  • To the left and kitty-corner across the intersection of Trade and Victoria stood a vacant 1-story wood store.


  • In January of 1904, Dr. Marchant's estate hasn't changed much; he's added two outbuildings close to the house, along with a well and windmill just out the back door.
  • However, the town is growing rapidly around him. Trade, Hill, Victoria, and Emma Streets are all seeing new buildings raised quickly and many businesses moving in.
  • That little wood building kitty-corner to Marchant's front store now has someone living in it. There are brick storefronts growing up all around it; it probably looks out of place, and possibly a bit of an eyesore whenever Dr. Marchant looked out his front door. By 1910, he owned the property.

c. 1910

  • Between 1904 and 1910, the north corner of the Marchant estate, at Trade and Hill, had been divided off and a single-story brick bank stood there. By February of 1911 the estate had been cut almost in half east-west; beside the bank stood Drace's photo studio, a butcher and bottling company, and a warehouse.
  • By 1910 Marchant started construction on the tallest building in Greer on that kitty-corner lot. It would become the Greer Drug Company.


  • By October of 1922, the Marchant "estate" had been reduced to about the smallest it could get; just a small yard. The stables and shed were removed and replaced with an automobile garage, near the house.
  • There is no question that Trade Street is now the center of business. The Marchant home is now the only remaining dwelling on the entire street. In the middle of the bustling commercial center, surrounded by department stores, banks, movie theaters, and restaurants, the house is now out of place; before the decade is out, it will be gone.

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