100 East Poinsett Street

1898: Blacksmith

  • The 1898 Sanborn fire map shows a blacksmith shop, built of fireproof materials, right on the corner of Main and Hill (now East Poinsett) streets. On the same lot, down the Main side of the property, stood an additional small wood structure that served as lumber storage.
  • The address is noted as 408. However, the map seems to indicate that the name "Emma Street" continues on this side of Main down to the Trade Street corner; the address, then, was likely 408 Emma Street.
  • To the west of the blacksmith's shop, down Emma Street, stands a new strip of stores, three lots deep; two of them hold Peoples general store, while the one closest to the blacksmith is listed as vacant. It would soon be claimed by Peoples, too.
  • Down Main Street to the south is a large stretch of empty land.

1904: Lumber storage

  • By 1904 the blacksmith shop has been turned into additional lumber storage. It's possible that the blacksmith moved a block north, since there's a new shop indicated on the map there. The smaller lumber storage still remains in place.
  • The neighboring properties down Emma Street continue to develop. Meanwhile, right behind this lot and running down Main Street, several new houses have been built.

1911: First National Bank of Greer

  • About 1910, a 2-story brick building was raised on the corner. The 1979 SC state historical building survey states that this building was originally the First National Bank of Greer. It notes that A.G. Howell Grocery and Meat Market was located in the back of the building; it also says that Dobson Hardware later occupied the building. See the next entries.

1922-1930: Store

  • The building did not stay a bank for long: about a decade later, the maps show that it has converted into a store. This is the A.G. Howell Grocery and Meat Market, though the map does not mark it as a grocery.

1945-1963: Dobson Hardware

  • Dobson Hardware was founded in 1945 by W.R. (Bill) Dobson. Bill purchased the old A.G. Howell grocery fixtures, along with the remainder of the groceries, in order to occupy the building.
  • A few years later, more space was needed so the building next door, what is now 104 East Poinsett, was purchased; the 1951 Sanborn map shows the combined store. Two doorways were opened between the buildings.
  • In 1963, the business moved to 127 W. Poinsett about a block away. In 1986, a second location opened on Wade Hampton Blvd. between Greer and Taylors, SC. This is the present location.

1951: Store (combined with 104) 

1979: People's Life Insurance Company

c. 1994 - current: Mims Law Firm

  • Henry "Hank" Mims is the Chief Judge of the Muncipal Court of Greer.

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