Wood's Fort

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Wood's Fort

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Thompson's Station


Colonial era fort


Located on the old Indian boundary line in Greer, South Carolina, Wood's Fort served as the first line of defense against Indians for the pioneers in this area and was commanded by then-captain Joseph McJunkin. The fort also served as a shelter for the surviving pioneers during the Hampton Massacre of 1776 in this part of Greenville County. At some point after the massacre, the fort fell out of use by the state militia and the land it sat on was sold to a man named Elisha Thompson. He then renamed the blockhouse Thompson's Station. Nothing more is known about the fort after this.

Street Address

Wood's Fort was located near what is now the intersection between Highway 908 and State Highway 357, Greer, SC.


Colonial Governor James Glen bought a small amount of land on the South Carolina border from the Cherokee in 1755 for the building of a line of forts to defend against Indian attacks. Wood's Fort was one of these.



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