110 East Poinsett Street

1898: open lot

  • Beside this space to the north is a small 1-story brick barbershop; just past that is a row of three brick storefronts. The empty lot continues to the south, and a well is located in that space.

1904: Charles W. Drace photographer, and a butcher shop

  • The address is now 413. However, the map seems to indicate that the name "Emma Street" continues on this side of Main down to the Trade Street corner; the address, then, was likely 413 Emma Street.
  • C. W. Drace was a leader in all kinds of high-tech pursuits. An old photograph shows his building advertising "Victor Talking Machines," a later part of RCA and the developer of the "dog listening to a victrola" image, showing on a sign over the building. It reads with Victor's classic tagline, "his master's voice."
  • By 1904, the barbershop building to the north has been removed and replaced with a full-size storefront matching those beyond it. Now, this lot holds two structures: on the north side is a small single-story wood building appears on the map, labeled "Photo." On the south side is an even smaller single-story wood building labeled "Meat." See the photograph which shows Drace's studio in this small wood building.

1911-1930: General store

  • In February 1911, both structures are gone. This lot now holds a single full-size storefront matching the rest of the street; it holds a general store. This remains true for the 1922 and 1930 maps.
  • The tiny butcher shop has now moved into a larger brick building just south of this: the odd triangular structure between this lot and 100 Trade.
  • Drace has moved to a larger building on Trade Street.

1951: Restaurant

  • By 1951 the Sanborn map shows the street name had changed to East Poinsette [sic] and this building was now numbered 110.

1979: Mason Furniture

1997: vacant

2020: Image East Video

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