108 Trade Street

1898: General store

  • The May 1898 Sanborn Fire map shows a large single story wood building with a shingle roof. It has two porches and a small outbuilding along the north side.
  • The map labels the building as 220 Trade Street. To its north (221) is a small office building; to its south is a brick building (219)with a grocery store.

1904: Grocery store

  • The same building stands, now labeled as a grocery store. The side building has been removed and a similar small wooden structure added behind.
  • The February 1911 is nearly identical, though the outbuilding has been removed.

1922: Ideal Theatre Moving Pictures, two stores, and a printing co.

  • Everything has changed by October of 1922! This west side of this block of Trade Street is now replaced with the row of brick storefronts that became the current streetscape.
  • This building, a 2-story brick facility still labeled as 220 Trade Street, is the largest on the street. The entrance to the theater is a hall in the center of the building, with a small store on either side; frame partitions separate the spaces. The Ideal Theater is located behind the stores and is a single story structure.
  • The front part of the building is two stories, with a printing company located on the second floor.
  • The Ideal Theatre is a single large room, with a hallway running along its north side. Behind the stage is a single door to the rear, and a small wood structure is located there.

1930: unknown

  • The January 1930 map shows that the Ideal Theatre is out of business and has been subdivided into several smaller spaces, which are unidentified. The two stores in the front remain and have expanded to fill in the hall, with a single partition dividing them. There is no mention of the 2nd floor use.

1947: Graham-Cash Co. Department Store

  • Opened in 1947 by John Graham as a general merchandise store.
  • A photograph from the late 1940s shows Graham-Cash at that time.
  • The March 1951 map shows that the facility had been consolidated into one large store with iron columns.
  • The 1959 city directory uses the address 110 Trade for Graham-Cash; but the 1969 city directory has returned to 108 Trade.

1969: Graham-Cash Co.; Credit Bureau of Greer; Pilot Life Insurance Co.

  • The 1969 city directory lists Graham-Cash as the primary occupant. It also labels the building as the "Graham Building" and includes these other two occupants; who were probably leasing space (perhaps upstairs).
  • The 1979 directory continues to list Graham-Cash at 108 Trade, but it now lists "108a" as vacant.

1979: vacant

  • By the 1979 city directory, Graham-Cash was gone.

c. 1991: Starlight Ballroom

  • Event rental hall
  • Business owners: Shirley and Jones Walker
  • Operated for 18 years
  • Sold the business at their retirement; the new owners renamed the business Grace Hall.

Present: Grace Hall

  • As of June 2020, the facility is an event rental called Grace Hall. The building retains its tin ceiling, wood floor, and iron columns.
  • Business co-owners Mary Jackson and Terry Baldree

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