104 Trade Street

Current structure built circa 1920.

1898: small office

  • The May 1898 Sanborn Fire map shows what is primarily an empty lot, with a very small single-story office building on the south edge of the lot. At the time, it was numbered 221 Trade Street.
  • There was a wooden structure to its north (vancant store), numbered 222, and larger wooden structure right beside it to the south, described as a general store and numbered 200.

1904: Restaurant

  • The January 1904 map shows the same small building on a primarily open lot; it is now labeled as a restaurant.

1911: Harness Store and Tailor

  • The February 1911 map shows the small building has become a tailor's shop. In the open space, a new store has been built; it is a single-story wood building labeled "Harness."
  • The building to the north has been replaced with a new building listed as a restaurant; the grocery store remains to the south.

1922: Department Store (likely Efird's)

  • The October 1922 map shows that everything has changed on this block; all prior structures were removed and replaced with the row of brick buildings that form the basis for today's streetscape.
  • The fire map notes that this is a 2-story brick building supported by wooden posts. This building was still numbered 221 Trade Street.
  • To the north is a Firestone Tires store; to the south is the Ideal Theater.

1930: Efird's Department Store

  • The 1930 and 1951 maps simply lists the use as a store.
  • The 1930 map notes that a small wooden side structure has been added to the back side, labeled as an "A." (unknown meaning), and the street side of the building is marked as having an iron face (the only building in downtown shown as such); this could have been a decorative element such as a railing.

1940s: Efird's and [P]erdue-Collins

  • A 1940s photograph shows that the building has been subdivided, with Efird's occupying the north side. The name of the other occupant is partially obscured on the signage, which reads [?]erdue-Collins.

1940-c.1992: Alta Cunningham

  • The 1951 map shows the side structure is removed to make space for the extension of the building to its north. The street numbers have changed by this map, and this building is shown to occupy the 104 and 106 spaces.
  • Mrs. Alta Cunningham started in business in 1925 as a milliner, making hats. In 1940 she opened Alta Cunningham's ladies' and childrens' apparel store, which she owned and operated until her death in 1977.
  • Alta Cunningham's Store was well-known for fine women’s clothing. "Miss Alta" visited New York annually to choose the latest fashions.
  • Alta Cunningham was a major shopping destination for years in Greer. See the Museum exhibit of Alta Cunningham artifacts.
  • While Miss Alta passed away in 1977, the store was still in operation in city directories through 1992.

1993: Computer Dynamics (storage overflow)

Current: The Offices at 104 Trade

  • As of January 2019, the building is listed as "The Offices at 104 Trade" which leased office space to a variety of companies, including the Deere Employees Credit Union.

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