102 Trade Street

1898: Vacant

  • The May 1898 Sanborn Fire map shows a 1-story wood building on this site with a small protrusion with a porch extending toward a well on the Hill Street side. The map marks it as "Vac. S." (vacant store). At the time, this building was labeled 222 Trade Street.

1904: Grocery

  • The January 1904 map shows the previous building is gone and replaced by a new pitched-roof wooden structure, with approximately the same width (but half the depth) of the current structure. A 1909 photograph shows the building.
  • To its south is an open lot; then, a much smaller wood structure listed as a restaurant; then a larger wooden grocery store.

1911: Restaurant

  • In the February 1911 map, the same wooden structure remains. The empty lot to its south now holds a smaller wood building listed as a "harness" store; to the south of that is the very small wood structure that was a restaurant, now listed as a tailor; then the larger grocery store still in place.

1922: Firestone Tires

  • Everything has changed by October of 1922! This west side of this block of Trade Street is now replaced with the row of brick storefronts that became the current streetscape.
  • The 1992 map only notes this as a "store," but we know from photographs that it is a Firestone Tires store.
  • To its south is a large department store (now 104 Trade), and to the south of that is the Ideal Theater.
  • The 1930 map shows the same arrangement.

1940s: clothing

  • A photo from the 1940s shows a sign on the second floor reading "Shoes. Men's Suits. Work Clothes." We do not know if Firestone still occupies the building, though their signage appears in the 1960s (see below).

1951: Firestone Tires

  • The March 1951 map shows that the building has been extended to double its previous length.
  • A photograph from the 1960s shows the Firestone signage still in place. We do not know if they were still in business at that time, or simply that the signage remains – or even if it was a business under another name that sold Firestone tires.

1959-1969 – Modern Home and Auto Supply

  • The 1959 and 1969 city directories list Modern as the occupant. 

1979 – vacant

1989 – Para Clean janitorial services 

1997: Loan service

Current 6/2020: unknown occupant

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