105, 107 and 109 Trade Street

1898-1904: open space

  • The 1898 and 1904 Sanborn Fire maps show this as open space.
  • It was part of the yard of the Marchant home, which sat on the corner of Trade and Victoria Streets.

1911: Warehouse, butcher, and bottler

  • By 1911, three brick buildings stood on the corner; the Marchant House remained.
    • On the corner was a small, single-story brick bank in the slot now labeled 101.
    • Beside it, to the south (away from Hill/Poinsett Street) stood a 2-story brick building labeled "photographer" — we know from a photograph that it was the location of Charles W. Drace.
    • Beside that is a 2-story brick building; the front half is labeled "Meat," divided by a frame partition from the back half, labeled "bottler." Behind it is a well, and behind that (and facing Hill Street) is a very small wood structure with a terra-cotta chimney and a gas engine.
  • The first two (bank and Drace) were later replaced by the current iconic Bennett building.
  • The third went through several occupants including Ponder's Ice Cream Parlor (prior to their move to East Poinsett); the building burned and is now the patio space beside 109, currently (6/2020) Los Portales.
  • To the south of that structure, in the area now identified as 109, was open space; back from the street stood a single-story wooden warehouse, labeled on the map as "Ware Ho. (T. CL.)"

1922: Store, Chinese laundry, and W. M. Thompson Hardware

  • In the 1922 map, the third building listed above — the butcher/bottler — has now been subdivided perpendicular to the street. The north side is listed as a "store". A frame partition divides it from the south side, listed as a "Chinese laundry."
  • To the south, the warehouse has been replaced by a large new brick building, which is now (6/2020) 109 Los Portales and 111 Chamber of Commerce.
    • The 109 portion is labeled as a store.
    • The 111 portion is labeled as furniture store.
    • It's likely that both 109-111 formed the W. M. Thompson Hardware store. According to the application for the Greer downtown historic district, this building was built as a hardware store.
  • According to the 1979 historic building survey, Thompson began selling Ford automobiles out of the 107-111 buildings in 1907; that is somewhat inaccurate, because the buildings didn't exist then. A photograph exists which shows that in 1907 he sold Fords from the Thompson Hardware location on Hill Street. Regardless, at some point he moved to this location, and continued to sell hardware goods while he sold Fords at the back of the store.

Ponder's Ice Cream Parlor

  • Though we don't have the dates detailed out yet, we know that Ponders occupied 107 Trade before moving to their large factory space on East Poinsett Street. 

1930: W. M. Thompson Hardware

  • The 1930 map shows the buildings consolidated into a neat row of a bank followed by three "stores": Thompson Hardware occupies the row.
  • By 1931, the Great Depression had taken a toll. What is now 111, the Chamber of Commerce, has been bought by the Greer Commission of Public Works; see the entry for 111 Trade Street to follow that building's history.

1951: restaurant and Greer Citizen

  • The 1951 map shows the three stores as a restaurant (in the space of 105); printing company (in the spaces of 107 and 109, which are both now Los Portales); and "store" (in the space of 111, now Chamber of Commerce).
  • The printing company is the Greer Citizen newspaper.

1959: City Cafe, vacant, and Eastern Finance Company

  • the 1959 city directory shows the occupancy:
    • 105: City Cafe
    • 105-1/2: vacant
    • 107: vacant
    • 109: Eastern Finance Company
  • Photographs from around 1960 show City Cafe signage; a large "LOANS" sign hangs beside it, but apparently that is building 109.

1969: Wilkerson Cafe, (vacant?), First Finance Company Small Loan

  • The 1969 city directory does not have entries for "105-1/2" or 107; it might be that Wilkerson had expanded to fill some of that space.

1979: Vacant; GCCCA Comprehensive Manpower Program; Community Action

  • The 1979 city directory lists 105 as vacant and 109 as the GCCCA Comprehensive Manpower Program. We have not identified what the GCCCA was, but the 1979 historic building survey says it was occupied by a community service organization named Community Action; we could infer that the organization could be something like "Greer .... Comprehensive Community Action."
  • In 1979 the building was owned by Thomas Duncan.

1989: Vacant, and Book Exchange

  • the 1989 city directory lists 105 as vacant and 109 and the Book Exchange.

1997: Book Exchange

  • According to the 1997 application for the Greer downtown historic district, the occupant at that time remained Book Exchange.

c.2006-c.2009: Justin's Steakhouse

  • Owner Bernie Kavo; general manager Hugh Kimbel

2009-2015: Wild Ace Pizza & Pub

  • April 2009 Wild Ace opened their first store and original location in the 109 address, which includes 107. It also included the 105 address, now an empty lot; they added outdoor patio seating in that space. In October 2014 they broke ground on a new building on Depot Street, and moved in early 2015.

2018-current: Los Portales Mexican Restaurant

  • Opened February 23, 2018; remains open as of 6/2020.

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