100 Trade Street / 114 East Poinsett Street

1898 – open lot

  • In the 1898 Sanborn Fire map no building exists on this location, though a well is marked here.
  • A brand-new wooden building had been (or was being) built in the next lot down Trade Street, but is listed as "vacant."

1904 – Ponder Brothers Grocery & residence

  • By the 1904 Sanborn map, the current brick structure was built and labeled as a "grocery" with a 2nd-story residence. We know from an old Drace photo that this was Ponders Bros. Grocery. Access to that residence was via an exterior staircase on the Trade Street side (which remains to this day, as of 6/2020).
  • The wood building in the neighboring Trade Street lot is now listed as a "grocery" while the Hill Street neighboring lot is still empty.

1909 – Ponder’s General Merchandise Store

  • 1909 photograph labels the store on the corner as Ponder’s General Merchandise.

1911 – Rodger's Brothers Market

  • The 1911 Sanborn map still shows the building listed as a "grocery." The 2nd floor might have continued as a residence, but it is not marked as such; the staircase is shown.
  • The building now shares a wall on the Hill Street side with a new brick building, 112 E. Poinsett (in today's terminology). That building is listed as a butcher shop. The neighboring wood building on the Trade Street side is now listed as a grocery.

1922 – Tin Shop

  • 1922 Sanborn Fire map lists the occupant as a "Tin Shop." As an interesting twist, behind the narrow back wall is a small wood structure labeled as a "sausage factory."
  • The wooden Trade Street neighbor has now been replaced with a brick building, simply marked as a "store."

c. 1930 – Finley Meat Market

  • Postcard dated 1930 clearly shows Finley signage.
  • The 1930 Sanborn map lists the 1st floor occupant as a "store."
  • That map also lists the 2nd floor as "Photo" — likely a separate business.

c. 1950 – Fay's Flowers

  • A photo from approximately 1950 shows the business as Fay's Flowers.
  • The 1951 Sanborn map does not note a separate occupant for the 2nd floor.

c. 1960s – Edith's Flower Shoppe

  • By the 1959 city directory, the occupant is listed as Edith's Flower Shoppe. A photo from approximately 1960 shows the business signage with that label.
  • The 1969 city directory shows that Edith's Flower Shoppe was still occupant.
  • The 1979 city directory lists the building as vacant.

1989 – Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 39

  • Listed in the 1989 city directory.

1997 – Camco

  • Camco was a camera and computer store.

2020 – Carolina Upstate Property Management; 114 East Poinsett

  • As of June 2020, the building is occupied by Carolina Upstate PM. However, the building now lists as 114 East Poinsett (likely because the entrance is, and has always been, on the Hill/Poinsett side of the building).

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100 Trade Street / 114 East Poinsett Street


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