114 Trade Street

1898: Cothing, boots and shoes

1904: general store

1911: dry goods

  • Sanborn fire maps in 1898, 1904, and 1911 show a single-story brick building here. The building is the same width as current, but a bit shorter.
  • Each map lists the occupants differently, as above. However, we don't know if these were different companies, shifting product selections, or even just the different cartographers labeling the store differently.
  • The 1922, 1930, and 1951 maps just label it as a "store."

1950s: Beason’s Jewelers

  • Interior photo dated to 1950s
  • Deed Book 1252, Page 802, 1985-11-06 can be found on Greenville County microfilm appears to subdivide 112 and 114 into two separate properties. Grantor: Ruth C. Paget, Grantee: Nell Black.
  • The 1959, 1969, 1979, and 1990 city directories do not have an entry for 114 Trade.

2010s–current: Insurance Source Insure-U

  • Business owner: Guy "The Insurance Guy" Furay
  • Opened prior to 2014 – current (6/2020)

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114 Trade Street


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