East Poinsett Street

Hill Street: 1898, 1930

  • All Sanford Fire maps between 1898 and 1930 reference "Hill St."

1915 – Trade Street

  • Several sources reference the stretch between Main Street and Trade Street as "Trade Street" during the early 1900s. Most specifically, the 1915 City Directory (the first ever published) describes Trade Street as "The main buisness [sic] thoroughfare, begins at intersection of Mostella and Main sts, runs southward beyond limits." Mostella is now North Main.

East Poinsette Street: 1951

  • At some point between 1930 and 1951 the name was changed from Hill Street, probably simultaneously with Emma Street changing to West Poinsett.
  • The 1951 Sanborn Fire Map shows the new names as E and W "Poinsette." Currently unknown if that spelling was an error by the Sanborn mapmaker or the spelling actually used in 1951. The 1955 City Directory uses the modern spelling "Poinsett."
  • Probably at the same time, street numbers on East Poinsett were also changed. For example the 1911 numbers on the north side, starting with the Main Street corner (then Mostella, which also appears to have changed names about the same time), were 410 (sic), 402, 403, 404, 405, etc.; the 1951 maps shows them as 101, 103, 105, etc.
  • In 1911, the whole south side of that block was number 413, with each store being labeled as A through G (in reverse order; G was the corner on Main, and A was the corner on Trade). The Bennett building (Planters bank) on the next block picked up at 414, and each building down was numbered sequentially (415, 516, etc).

East Poinsett Street: current

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