North Main Street

Old State Road: by 1818 — c.1873

  • For many years, what is now Main Street was the Old State Road, a main thoroughfare. Completed by 1818, it connected Charleston with western North Carolina and Tennessee. For at least a hundred years, this was a stopping point for livestock drivers coming from the north down.

Mostello Street: 1898 and 1904

  • 1898 and 1904 Sanford Fire maps list as "Mostello"

Broad Street: 1911

  • 1911 Sanford Fire map reads "Broad (Mostello)."
  • The reasoning is clear when you look back at the 1898 map; at that time S. Main is listed as 45’ wide, while Mostello is listed as 105’ wide (though there is a well and horse shed in that span).

Mostello Street: 1922

  • 1922 Sanford Fire map reads "Mostello (Broad)." Maybe the name Broad didn’t stick?

N. Main: 1930

  • 1930 Sanford Fire map reads N. Main (Mostello).
  • All subsequent references are to N. Main.

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