112 East Poinsett Street

1898-1904 – open lot

  • Sanborn Fire maps show that during these years no building exists on this location. By 1904, the corner building at 100 Trade Street had been built, as well as a small wooden butcher's shop on the other side (with Drace Photo in a larger wooden building beside that); but this physical location remained empty.

c. 1910 - barber shop

  • An early photo shows this building used as a barbershop.

1911 – butcher shop

  • A brick building was in existence by 1911, labeled "meat." The building shared its Trade Street wall with the 100 Trade corner "grocery" (Ponders Brothers Grocery) and its Emma/Hill Street wall with a "general store." The unusual triangle shape is now fixed; the tiny chopped-off tip in the back is a continuation of the back of 100 Trade. The small triangle left in that gap is marked as a two-story wood building, with no use identified.

1922-1930 – "store"

  • Maps between these years label the building as a store. This is likely a different occupant than the Dixie Café below, or the maps would list "restaurant."

c. 1930s – Dixie Café

  • Mid-1930’s cafe; interior picture. Photo is dated to c. 1935 and states its location as Trade Street. However, the photograph shows an unusual triangular floorplan which exactly matches the shape of 112. In addition, the 1922 Sanford Fire map shows this building with the stub back wall having a window in it; the 1930 map shows that as having been changed to a corner closet with a door. This photo shows exactly that, which lines up with the c. 1935 date.

1951 – restaurant

  • The 1951 Sanborn map lists the location as a "restaurant." This could have been Dixie Café or a new occupant.

Prior to 1979 – Carolina Lunch

  • The 1979 historical building survey noted that the penultimate prior occupant was a restaurant, Carolina Lunch.

Prior to 1979 – Shoe Shine Parlor

  • The 1979 historical building survey identifies the former occupant as Shoe Shine Parlor, but notes that as of July 31, 1979, the building was vacant.
  • That survey lists in the bibliography "1904 photo (Hughes), c. 1915 photo - Greenville Co. Album." However, we have not located those photographs.
  • Owner was listed as Greer Community Ministries; previous owner identified as Eddie Runion.

The Hanger & Consignment

  • Current occupant as of 6/2020.

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