107-109 East Poinsett Street

1898: Meat market

  • In the May 1898 Sanborn Fire map, this location holds a small 2-story wood frame building labeled "Meat" with a little one-story back room and a built-out portico on the front. It is assigned the number 402 Hill Street (or possibly 402 Trade, since Trade was considered to wrap around this part of Hill in early years). A small stable is out behind the building, labeled 402-1/2. The lot closer to Main is empty space; on the other side, toward Cannon, is a yard surrounding a large home.

1904: Grocery store

  • The 1904 Sanborn map shows that this has become a grocery store. The portico has been removed, and a small shed has been added between the store and the stable.

1911: Harness store

  • The 1911 Sanborn map shows the same building is now a harness store. The stable is now gone, and the city is growing around it. The northwest lot (toward Main) is now part of a very large general store that sells furniture and farm implements. While the home to the southeast still remains, part of the large yard has been replaced by brick storefronts that house a grocery store and the Post Office.

1922: Cobbler

  • The 1922 Sanborn map shows the same building, now a cobbler shop. The farm implements section of the store beside it has now been taken over by the furniture section. The grocery store is now simply labeled "store."

c. 1923: Bost Drug Store

  • Soon after 1922 the wood building is replaced with a larger brick building, which became the home of Bost Drug Store.

c. 1925 – c. 1972: McKleskey-Todd Drug Store

  • In the early 1920s Dr. Harvey Todd started a drug store in Anderson, and Dr. Harry McLeskey started a drug store in Pickens. They acquired Bost in the mid-20s and opened the McKleskey-Todd Drug Store in the location. The drug store opened multiple locations which continued to operate after this location closed around 1972.

1973-1975: vacant

1976-1983: World Finance Corp.

1984-1991: vacant

  • During this time, the city directories list the numbering of the building from 107 to 108.

1991 – at least 1993: New Life Church overflow

  • The 1992 and 1993 city directories list this location as overflow for New Life Church.

Dec. 31, 2004 – Current: Great Bay Oyster House

  • The Great Bay restaurant has been very successful, serving fine fresh seafood for nearly two decades.

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107-109 East Poinsett Street

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402 Hill Street (or Trade Street)


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107 East Poinsett Street to 109 East Poinsett Street

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