105 Victoria Street

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105 Victoria Street

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The "Greer Citizen" Building


1955 — Residence of Mrs. Josie H. Hendricks and Tapp Broadus.
1956 — The 1956/57 Greer Telephone Directory lists the Greer Citizen at 105 Victoria Street.
1957 — Now the location of both the Greer Citizen newspaper and the office of radio station WEAB (which did not appear in the 1956 directory). However, Tapp Broadus is also listed as a resident at this address. We have not identified this reference; there is no Tapp Broadus listed in the 1956/57 Telephone Directory.
1959-1971 — Greer Citizen newspaper, and the office of radio station WEAB.
1973–after 2010 — Between the 1971 and 1973 directories, WEAB offices are moved and Greer Citizen newspaper becomes the only listed resident.
2013 — Prior to the end of 2013, the Greer Citizen had moved out of this location.

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105 Victoria Street

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