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Color photograph on paper; picture of directors of First National Bank of Greer (1951). Left to right: Fred Crow; Omar Jones; Bob Williams; Bill Richardson; Dan Davenport; Marion Lanford; Roy Collins, Sr.; Lloyd Hunt; J. V. Smith.

This is a memory album recording the life of Sara Ann Lanford from the years of 1941-1944.

Sara Ann Lansford.jpg
Hand-colored portrait photograph on paper.

Large family Bible containing limited records of the Westmoreland, Cunningham, and Lanford families.

Collection of photographs of Ann Lanford's family including herself, father Dr. Marion Layton Lanford, mother Earline Cunningham Lanford, brother Marion Earl Lanford, grandmother Leila Westmoreland Cunningham, and Ann's best friend, Dot Kendrick.

p17168coll15_8_large_Dixie Cafe_c 1935_Trade Street_Mr Praelo Howell.jpg
Occupants and history of 112 E Poinsett St

Bin112 Restaurant in 112 Trade Street, c. 2008.
Occupants and history of 112 Trade Street

Laundry and Western Union, nestled between the Grand Theatre and Ponder's Ice Cream, 1938
Occupants and history of 125 East Poinsett Street

History of North Main Street

History of East Poinsett Street
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