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This cast-iron watering trough stood on Randall Street in Greer, SC, in 1916 when it was a dirt road. In 1923 the street was paved, and Officer Charles F. "Uncle Charlie" Liverett moved it to his home. Officer Liverett served in the Greer Police…

Aerial Photograph of Greer, SC in the 1950s originally displayed in the lobby of the Greer Federal Savings and Loan Association.

Note by C. Don Walls on the original gift form: "Victor Elementary School was built in 1905 for the children living in the Victor mill village. In 1923 the school burned and the feeling was that the cause was due to a faulty furnace. Woodrow Phillips…

Portrait of a young woman, sepia photograph on paper

Wood barrel. 21 slats of varying width. Iron bands top and bottom, held in place with nails bent inside. Iron ring 6.5” down from the top. Missing ring evident from stains about 6.5” up from the bottom. Wooden lid stenciled “C. M. PONDER, GREER,S.C.”…

Metal frame identification badge. Round. Opening for photograph is round on the top three-quarters, flat on the bottom. Inside, thick clear plastic in front of blue paper, reads "VICTOR PLANT" with large number 1824. Superimposed, small photograph of…

Painted green stool, plywood, from the Piedmont and Northern Railroad. Used by conductors to help passengers enter and exit the train cars.

Wood toilet seat, removed from the Piedmont & Northern Railroad Greer Station during a renovation.
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