308 Trade Street


308 Trade Street


Building/business history


Occupants and history of 308 Trade Street


1926-1935  Post Office

  • Leased the existing building
  • Service window from that location is now on display at the Greer Heritage Museum. It has been altered (reduced in size) but features the original wood and original glass windows.
  • The Postmaster during this period was S. T. Waldrop (Greer Postmaster from 1921-1934)

Price Feed & Seed Store

2009-2013  The Cazbah

  • Opened August 2009
  • Second location (first was in downtown Greenville)
  • Audrey Stenger, Bob Hiller, and Chris Porter business co-owners (Porter also the manager)
  • Installed rooftop dining area
  • "The tin roof is the original and we took it all down, hammered it all out and sandblasted it, then put it back up and painted it," said Audrey Stenger, co-owner. "The floor is also the original. We took all the plaster off the wall so the brick is all original brick. We tried to preserve as much of the original building as we could." “Inside, the restaurant features baguette seating, which is a rounded booth. Also, partitions can be used to break up the dining room for private dining for groups of 10, up to 20. The bar is separated from the dining room with a wall and on top of the bar is a deck that can be used as a stage for musicians or local artists.”
  • “Take a few flights of stairs in the center of the building and open the door to rooftop dining. A bar complete with TVs sits in the center and tables and chairs surround it.”
  • “[Cazbah] was losing money and was not being successful so it had to be closed.” – Greer Citizen

2016-current  Blue Ridge Brewing Co.

  • Opened June 2016; still current as of 6/2020
  • Second location (first was in downtown Greenville)
  • Bob Hiller, business owner


  • The 1979 historical building survey reported that, in addition to the Post Office, the buildings from 300 to 308 Trade Street housed the following businesses:
    • Office Supplies Unlimited
    • Betty's Cloth Shop
    • West Electric Co.
    • Price Flowers
  • However, it is not clear which businesses were in which buildings.