Watering trough, cast iron


Watering trough, cast iron


Cast iron watering trough


This cast-iron watering trough stood on Randall Street in Greer, SC, in 1916 when it was a dirt road. In 1923 the street was paved, and Officer Charles F. "Uncle Charlie" Liverett moved it to his home. Officer Liverett served in the Greer Police Department, which was located on Randall Street with the fire department and city hall.

See images from the 1902 Clow catalog (in the Library of Congress) for a similar trough; the base is shaped slightly differently, but otherwise similar in all respects.


James B. Clow and Sons, Chicago, IL


Mrs. Oda Fowler


early 20th century




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Oda L. Fowler, the donor, inherited the trough from her father, Charles F. Liverett. Oda Fowler made the following notes on the original gift form: "Horses' cast iron watering trough was located on Randall St which was a dirt road in the year 1916. Horses would be tied to hitching post and drink from the trough. The City Hall, Fire Dept, Wood Mortuary and Police Dept. were located on Randall St. About this time Charles F. Liverett (Uncle Charlie) went to work for the city as a night policeman. Later he was promoted to a day policeman and street superintendent. In 1923 road was paved. Trough then taken to 108 Marchant St; Mr. Liverett's home – Daughter, Oda Fowler lives there now."