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a history of our ownGreer Heritage Museum

GHM first opened at 208 Trade Street in 1998. The Museum was a 20-year dream for Carmella Hudson, a WWII nurse–turned–school teacher. In the years leading up to the opening she built the collection from nothing, pulled together a board of directors, and established a non-profit. In 2008, GHM moved to its permanent home: the historic 1935 Greer Post Office. Then-director Joada Hiatt, a retired librarian, organized and displayed the collection. After Joada’s retirement in 2015, the museum entered a period of decline.

Yet a strong collection of artifacts lives in an historic building, waiting for caring partners to breathe in new life. And a new Greer, flush with growth, waits for the Museum to step up and fill its critical role in community education of heritage and culture. In response, the GHM Board authorized a dedicated team of volunteers to revitalize the museum.

GHM will become an integral part of the educational and cultural fabric of Greer through meaningful and memorable educational experiences that meet the public where they are, transport them to a different place and time, and use the past to inform their present. We will help everyone find their place in the ongoing story that is Greer.



Heritage is often lost without people even realizing it. We work to preserve the heritage of this town and its people.


We don't want you to just see stuff, but to learn stuff. We’re finding powerful new ways to help educate our community.


We connect people, information and artifacts in meaningful and valuable ways — both in the Greer community and beyond. 


Volunteers serve Greer and its people through educational activities and events that inspire and inform.


We need members.

Help make the vision a reality. Join with us to impact our community.

We need volunteers.

Others have invested decades in the Museum; it’s time for a new generation to take up the task.

2020 campaignGet the full report.


Download a PDF of the full report, describing where the museum stands now and where it is going.

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Step 1: Cast a compelling vision of a thriving GHM that engages the community in valuable interactive educational experiences.


Step 2: Build an extensive team of partners including businesses, government, educational institutions, donors, volunteers, and history and museum specialists.


Step 3: Enhance the museum’s reach, image, and professionalism to make it a compelling organization for the whole community.