Charles W. Drace


Charles W. Drace


prominent businessman; photographer responsible for many early photographs of Greer; owner of the Grand Theater

Birth Date

August 25, 1869



Death Date

September 25, 1928


photographer; business owner

Biographical Text

Though born in Ohio, Drace grew up in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Charles was an itinerant photographer who settled down in Greer.The family name was Drais; his father's obituary lists nine children, including "Charles Drais, Grier, South Carolina."

Drace married Fannie Miller of Greer, and they had three children: Pearl Drace Peeler; Kramer Drace; and William Drace.

Drace was one of the earliest businessmen in Greer, working as a photographer, dealer of musical instruments and Victrolas, and eventually as owner of the Grand Theater on Hill Street.

Perhaps his greatest contribution to us today is a large collection of photographs of Greer, starting around 1898 and continuing through his death in the 1920s. Without his work, we would have very limited photography of these foundational years in the establishment of Greer.

His grave is located in Mountain View Cemetery in Greer.